Ever uploaded a video to YouTube and then wished that you’d just removed the first few seconds from it? Well – now you can. YouTube recently announced a video editor. This being Google/YouTube, they decided to announce and explain the editor via a YouTube video:

A few things to note:

  1. You need a YouTube account (with uploaded videos of course) to use the editor
  2. You can’t edit other people’s videos (in other words, create a video ‘mashup’ from other content creators), only your own.
  3. You can’t collaborate on an edit – this is very much an individual tool.

With that said, this development may prove to be extremely useful for those looking for a way to re-edit their own YouTube clips, or without a decent video editor on their own computer. One benefit to editing your clips on YouTube – YouTube doesn’t care what format your videos are in. You can upload practically any video format (WMV, MOV, etc) and edit them together online.

Shawn Miller

Shawn lead CIT’s work with other groups on campus to plan the evolution of Duke’s suite of eLearning tools, platforms and collaborations including Sakai, WordPress, Kaltura, Coursera and others. Shawn has extensive experience working with groups across the university and with technology vendors to select, integrate and support tools for teaching and learning.

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One Response to YouTube releases a simple video editor

  1. Sean A. says:

    That’s great news. A couple immediate benefits I can anticipate: 1) upload from Flip video camera unedited to YouTube, then edit in YouTube (saves you from using FlipShare for editing and having to wait for a finished movie to re-export); 2) Can tack on institutional branding bumpers to the beginning & end of videos *after* they’re uploaded.