Year In Progress

Tracking our progress for 2016-2017. For more:

Faculty Services, Programs and Consulting

Learning Technology

Online Initiatives

  • New and recent Coursera courses:
    • starting production on a Chimpanzee Behavior and Conservation Coursera course – with significant input of materials from the Jane Goodall Institute (and Jane herself).
    • C Programming Specialization (in production)
    • Addressing Climate Change with Green Building Innovation (in production)
    • Nanotechnology (Nan Jokerst) (in production)
  • Revisions to Excel to MySQL and Java Programming specializations wrapping up. Published our evaluation of the specialization development.
  • Continued revisions to Stats w/ R Specialization
  • 5 of 6 projects in development from last ‘Global’ RFP cycle
  • Talking to Public Policy and Engineering about possible partnerships to develop online courses or modules
  • Produced modules with Duke Center for Health Informatics for AMIA 10×10 on Data Standards for Learning Health Systems
  • Redesign of several courses in Fuqua’s Global Executive MBA program (partnering w/ Fuqua team)
  • Researching different institutions’ approaches to faculty incentives for online course development and teaching
  • Collaborated with the Graduate School’s Bass Online Apprentice Fellowship to provide the opportunity for Bass fellows to work on MOOCs and for-credit online course projects, getting hands-on experience in online college teaching.
  • DE SIG: held 6 meetings with campus partners and topics ranging from universal design to digital copyright
  • Advertising our current opportunities for Spring 2017