worldLanguage Teaching and Technology is a new blog I’ve started to communicate with language instructors here at Duke (and beyond). It features descriptions of apps particularly suited for language teaching, links to resources on the web, posts about what I am reading, event announcements, and interesting teaching ideas. Please bookmark it now and visit often.


Elise Mueller, Ph.D.

Elise Mueller is the consultant for the language departments at Duke. Her goal is to help instructors explore the best ways to support language acquisition through technology. As a member of Sakai group, Elise leads training sessions, troubleshoots technical issues, and develops documentation of the support site. More recently, she has assisted faculty with the planning and development of Coursera courses. Her interests include using multimedia in the classroom, emerging models of higher education and e-learning,  and experiential learning.

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5 Responses to New Blog For Language Instructors

  1. David W says:

    Your new blog sounds interesting. My fiance is fluent in spanish. I keep procrastinating, but I definitely would like to learn it one day. I guess I will use Rosetta Stone. I just tweeted the link to your blog to my 700 followers. I’m sure they will find it interesting. Thanks.

  2. Sunny Verma says:

    Very useful blog for learning foreign languages. Thanx for sharing.

  3. Bobs Seo says:

    Nice resource – I especially liked the post on “machine translation”.

  4. Anna maria says:

    Teaching it like we face two choice succes dan fail, if we not reach our goal its fail , if reach goal it succes , but its need high effort and quality learning and teaching

  5. PJ roberts says:

    Great resource Elise. Your How to Build an Academic Online Presence article was especially helpful on a recent project. Thanks!