Teaching Strategies for the New Term

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Image from ILSC Education Group, http://bit.ly/2iW4PJY, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 (http://bit.ly/OJZNiI)

CIT has authored a number of quick-reference guides to provide Duke faculty with resources on a range of teaching strategies. As the spring term begins, we hope you will review these short guides and will find them useful:

If you have suggestions for a guide you would like to see, please email cit@duke.edu.

Author: Amy Kenyon

Amy plans, implements and assesses faculty development programs for the improvement of teaching and learning, provides programs and resources designed to increase understanding of the teaching-learning process and manages personnel and other resources for the Center for Instructional Technology. Her interests are in course and program design, curriculum mapping, assessment, engaging teaching strategies for student learning, and e-textbooks, e-readers and open learning materials.