Instructional Technology Fellows

The Instructional Technology Fellows program provides year-long support for a group of faculty working together to incorporate instructional technology into the curriculum of a program or department to improve teaching and learning.

Available to:

  • Group of at least five Duke faculty
  • Graduate assistant(s) actively working with the faculty group

Resources offered:

  • CIT consulting about instructional technology and teaching and learning topics
  • CIT project consulting and training in the use of tools or software needed to complete the planned activities
  • CIT program management and some logistical arrangements
  • $500 for faculty participants ($250 for graduate students), per semester, paid to a Duke research account
  • Collaboration and discussion with a cohort of Duke colleagues
  • Recognition on the CIT’s web site and other venues about your participation in the program


  • The group must designate a “project leader” who will serve as the main liaison to CIT for the duration of the Fellowship and who will work with CIT to plan the Fellowship content.
  • Each faculty participant must have full time faculty status during the year of the Fellowship (faculty on sabbatical may not participate unless the Fellowship is the subject of their sabbatical)
  • Each faculty and graduate student participant must have access to a Duke account into which the support funds can be paid
  • Participants must attend the Fellowship orientation and monthly meetings
  • Participants must complete the set of deliverables designed for their Fellowship program
  • Participants must evaluate the effectiveness of instructional technology activities carried out as part of the program
  • Participants will share experiences in the program through participation in the CIT’s annual Instructional Technology Showcase, or another CIT sponsored event
  • Participants must complete program evaluation activities

Apply now »Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.